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JAPAN & MENA SMEs (Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises)

Although the Arab world is full of a lot business opportunities, it is also full of a lot obstacles ...!
Foreign investment
laws, language barriers, regulatory approval processes, unknown market trends,
cross-cultural differences, etc...are some of those overbearing
problems must be taken under great consideration for Small & Medium- Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and individuals seeking international
knowledge and business opportunities in MENA (Middle East & North Africa).

Complete Support Cost

Eibo Enterprise can provide complete support for the following commercial projects:

1. Marketing Research
2. Agreements & Contracts Negotiation
3. Commercial Fairs Participation

Based on the nature of your commercial plan, a preliminary Feasibility Study (Pre-FS) will be conducted for cost estimation. For the sake of your commercial plan confidentiality, please do contact us at:

Partial Support Cost in MENA

We can accompany your designated team and
provide my advisory service for your project implementation charged as followed:

1- Daily Payment: (50,000~80,000) Yen.

2- Daily Allowance: (15,000 ~ 20,000) Yen.

3- Daily Overseas Travel Insuranc: Equivalent to actual cost.

4- Airline Ticket (round trip):
Equivalent to actual cost.

Partial Support Cost in Japan

Eibo Enterprise can provide preliminary support for your commercial project plan in Japan based on a negotiable cost strctured as follow:

1- Daily Payment: (30,000~50,000) Yen.

2- Transportation Payment: Equivalent to actual cost.

3- Consumption Tax : 8% of the total cost will be added to your above payments under the revised Japan Consumption Tax Act.

Contracts & Agreements

The client shall:

1- Agree to abide by the law and regulations of Japan and international copyright laws for the employment
of Eibo Enterprise.

2- Absolve Eibo Enterprise from all legal and financial obligations resulting from inappropriate action by the client.

At the client convenience, we can review your suggested contract or formulate a binding agreement, contract, MOU, or MOA based on the client's project inquiry.

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