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JAPAN & MENA (Middle East & North Africa)

Japan recognizes that some countries in the Arab World are still at the least developed or developing
countries in the region and are in great need of foreign aid to promote economic and social developments.

Therefore, over the past three decades, Japan has provided grant aid and technical cooperation as well as
YEN loans to support these developments.

Complete Support Cost

Eibo Enterprise can provide complete support for the following governmental projects:

1. Official Development Projects (ODA)
2. International Humanitarian Projects
3. NGO & NPO Relief Projects

Based on the nature of your project, a preliminary Feasibility Study (Pre-FS) will be conducted for cost estimation.

For the sake of your project confidentiality, please do contact us

Partial Support Cost in MENA

We can accompany your designated team and
provide sophisticated advisory service for your
project implementation charged as followed:

1- Daily Payment: (70,000~100,000) Yen

2- Daily Allowance: (15,000 ~ 20,000) Yen

3- Daily Overseas Travel Insurance: Equivalent to actual cost.

4- Airline Ticket (round trip):
Equivalent to actual cost.t.

Partial Support Cost in Japan

Eibo Enterprise can provide preliminary
support for your governmental project plan in
Japan based on a negotiable cost strctured as

1- Daily Payment: (40,000~70,000) Yen

2- Transportation Payment:Equivalent to
actual cost.

3- Consumption Tax : 8% of the total cost will be added to your above payments under the revised Japan Consumption Tax Act.

Contracts & Agreements

The client shall:

1- Agree to abide by the law and regulations of Japan and international copyright laws for the employment
of Eibo Enterprise.

2- Absolve Eibo Enterprise from all legal and financial obligations resulting from inappropriate action by the client.

At the client convenience, we can review your suggested contract or formulate a binding agreement, contract, MOU, or MOA based on the client's project inquiry.

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