Providing effective support for improving the governmental and the commercial relationship between Japan and the Arab world.

Executive Message
The Arab world comprises of 22 countries and territories of around 400 million people speaking one language But practice several religions. In this region of the world, there is a wide diversity that marks great challenges.

The Knowledge of Arab countries laws and cultures, Arabic language skills, direct access to reliable and trustworthy Arabian contacts or business partners are just some of the many obstacles confronting your organization when doing business in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA).

Enterprise Overview
Eibo Enterprise is a Limited Liability Company that provides support for governmental and commercial organizations of all sizes as well as individual entrepreneurs interested in conducting businesses in Arabia

Whether your organization need be we can assist you in the following

1. Governmental Projects Planning & Implementation.
2. Commercial Projects Planning & Implementation.
3. Translation & Interpretation (Arabic Japanese, Arabic English, English Japanese).

Enterprise Information

- LLC Establishment: March, 2015
- Address: 203-0044
Yanagi Kubo, Higashi Kurume, Tokyo, Japan

Client Project Area

- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
-United Arab of Emiraters (UAE)
- Eygpt
- Kigdom of Jordan
- Kingdom of Morocco
- Sudan

Founder: Dr. Eng. Ahmad Eibo
- Capitalization: 3,000,000 Yen
- Bank: Tokyo International Operations Center
Mizuho Bank

Company Own Project

- Japan Nano Technology Expansion in KSA & UAE

- Japanese Healthy Foodstuff Export to UAE

- Japan & Arab Research Development

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