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The containing minerals, spring water from the foot of Mt. Fuji has a well-known efficacy of lowering blood pressure and burning fat and carbohydrate. It takes about 300 years for the rain and the snowmelt on Mt. Fuji to turn into old Mt. Fuji aquifer.

Groundwater springing derived from the abundant snow and rain water seeped throughout decades into the basalt layer of Asagiri Plateau that is located in Northwest of Mount Fuji where land is extremely rich with wealth of vanadium occurred by Mount Fuji large eruptions.

In the surrounding area of Mt. Fuji, central Japan, it has been reported that vanadium concentration is relatively high (0.05-0.1 (mg/l)) in ground water and river water, due to the dissolution of vanadium from basalt.

This concentration is 50 to 100 times high compared to the normal concentration of vanadium in natural waters. Since the average daily requirement of Vanadium ranges between 6 and 18 Micrograms, Mt. Fuji ground water is the best Vanadium dietary resource

Vanadium Mineral

Vanadium was proven to be an essential trace mineral for normal human growth and development.

Its main role in human body is:

1- It stimulates glucose (blood sugar) oxidation and inhibits absorption of glucose from the gut and it appears to function like insulin by altering cell membrane function for ion transport processes.

Therefore Vanadium has an important effect in
people with glucose tolerance problems (i.e. pre diabetes) by making the cell membrane
insulin receptors more sensitive to insulin.

2- Vanadium inhibits cholesterol synthesis.

3- Vanadium has inotropic effect and increase in the contractility forces of heart muscle

4- Vanadium has known ant carcinogenic properties.

Vanadium Health Benifits

Diseases that suspected to be associated with Vanadium deficiency include:

1- Slow growth

2- Increased infant mortality

3- Infertility

4- Elevated cholesterol

5- Elevated triglycerides

6- Diabetes

7- Cardiovascular disease

8- Obesity

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