Application in Agriculture

Agriculture is an issue of survival in most of
the developing countries in which a major part
of their GDP comes from agriculture sector.
It is likely that more than half of the population
depends on it.

A large proportion of those livings in developing countries face daily food shortage as a result of environmental lmpacts.

Using Nanotechnology in agriculture science
increases agricultural growth and reduces
environmental pollution as well as helping in
developing drought and pest resistant crops.

Healthy Products
Strategic Marketing Management

Eibo Enterprise, LLC takes into account health
improvement and environment protection for
your product as a strategy for marketing.

We work with a number of Japanese SMEs placing a high value on their role in not only Japan market but also foreign marketplace.

We have been providing advises and support
on issues such as collateral and alignment
with international accounting standards affect
SMEs disproportionately and others.
Recently, as a result, a number of Japanese
SMEs enjoy business in Arabia.

Pioneer Ideas
Project Management

The experience of project management that Eibo Enterprise, LLC has developed was basically from our involvement in planning and implementing own projects.

We understand how important enterprise
solutions are to organizations and therefore
our role in your business package will focus on finding proper management t
o planning
& implementing your project effectively in Arabia.

Our management process goal will be to put on the initiatives that define the most appropriate
marketplace for your products.

Eibo Enterprise, LLC has been introducing
Agri-Nanotechnology and promoting Japanese
made Nano-fertilizers to number of Arab SMEs
in Agri-industry.

Our strategic management has been
supporting several Japanese SMEs in expand
their market to Arabia and improveing their
sales gradually.

Designing pioneer-based projects between
Japan & Arabia that reflect the cultural values,
collective vision, and economic development
goals of diverse communities.

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